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Product Introduction

Moletech Fuel Saver has been tested by California CEE (U.S. EPA and CARB certified testing center), and result shows a significant reduction on emissions. According to the feedbacks from many trucking companies and our customers, the fuel saving percentages are from 3% to 10%. Also, in most of the smog check tests, Moletech can reduce the exhaust emissions within 10 minutes after installing our product.
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  1. We offered a limited 30 days money back guarantee. Please always keep the receipt, product box, and all the contents for a full refund. The guarantee period, refund policy, and exchange policy may vary in different countries, dealers, or stores. Please check these informations before you purchasing our product.
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  2. During the trial or money back guarantee period, please ˇ§DO NOT install the Moletech tank fuel saverˇ¨. Only install the water fuel saver, air fuel saver, and 2 fuel-line fuel savers. After you satisfied the results and decided not to have a refund, you can go to the closest professional maintenance store to install the tank fuel saver and receive the optimum benefit of Moletech fuel saver.

  3. It is important to note that the Moletech Fuel Saver's fuel saving result varies from season to season. According to the research from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Moletech testing data, the fuel consumption of a vehicle in the Winter season could be up to 20% higher than the Summer season.  Although Moletech Fuel Saver cannot change the fuel saving difference caused by the temperature, it can still work properly in all seasons to save your gasoline as much as possible.
    Source from: EPA 420-F-95-003, 1995.

  4. Actual results may vary. Fuel savings can be higher or lower depending on the engine model, fuel quality, cargo load weight, weather, traffic, road conditions, maintenance conditions, and driving conditions. In order to perform an accurate test, please Click here to understand more