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1. Will Moletech Fuel Saver avoid the warranty of my vehicle?
No. The Moletech Fuel Saver will not affect your vehicle warranty. The State of California Air Resources Board and the U.S. EPA has determined the MOLETECH FUEL SAVER device ˇ§does not need to be registered as a fuel additiveˇ¨.

United States federal law, set forth requirements for warranties and prohibit vehicle manufacturers, dealers and others from unjustly denying warranty coverage due to the installation of after-market parts, such as the Moletech Fuel Saver. Specifically, under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, 15 U.S.C. ˇ± 2302(c), warranty coverage cannot be denied because the Moletech Fuel Saver has been installed or used on a vehicle.

Also, Moletech Fuel Saver is not a modification to the vehicle.? Therefore, Moletech Fuel Saver will not void your vehicle's warranty.



2. How can I take the fuel saver out if I do not satisfy the results?
Note for Model M2027, M2058, M2034 Users
During the trial period, please ˇ§DO NOT install the tank fuel saverˇ¨.
Only install the water fuel saver, air fuel saver, and 2 fuel-line fuel savers. After you satisfied the results and decided not to have a refund, you can go to the closest professional maintenance to install the tank fuel saver and receive the optimum benefit of Moletech fuel saver. In the future, if you changed the vehicle and wish to take the fuel saver out, please contact directly with the mechanic shop that provided the installation for you. In most cases, they use a magnetized pincers to displace the fuel saver from the tank float or fuel neck.


3. The product recommended a professional installation. How much will it costs? How long will the installation process takes?
The cost of the professional installation will vary in all the countries. For example, the installation fee will be around 40 to 100 USD in the United States, but it will only cost around 10 to 15 USD in Taiwan, ROC.

Usually, the installation process will take less than 30 minutes. For some special vehicles will take around 1 hour. We are currently collecting the list of these special vehicles, and it will be published on the website soon.


4. What if I don't install the Moletech Air Pellet into the air intake?

You will not receive the full benefits of Moletech fuel saver. In order to get a complete combustion of the fuel, it is important to have clean air and enough inhalant amount of oxygen. Moletech Air Pellet can, however, neutralize the pollutant floating in the air such as dust, emissions, gems, and all posses positive ions to subside to purify the air.

5. Do I need to rev the engine as stated in the final procedure every time I purchase fuel?

No. You only need to rev the engine ˇ§one timeˇ¨ after completing the installation.

6. Do I need to adjust the fuel system of my vehicle?

No. Basically, you should not make any adjustment to see the improvement as long as the engine was well tuned prior to installation.

For vehicles that do not have computer to control the idle speed, the idle may increase around 500RPM. If this occurs, please ask your mechanic to reduce the idle speed or you will not save fuel on local driving.