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6. Can I use Gasoline kits on diesel vehicles or Diesel kits on gasoline vehicles?
No. The diesel Fuel Saver is designed for diesel fuel, and the Gasoline Fuel Saver is designed for gasoline only. The molecule reaction is different for each type of fuel. You will not receive the product benefits by installing an incorrect Fuel Saver sensor.

7. Can I notice an improvement right away?

Most users have felt the extra performance within 30 minutes after the installation, and a n instant decreas e of emissions on smog check. For older vehicles, optimum result for fuel saving may take up to 500 miles at high speed driving depending on vehicle conditions.

8. Will Moletech Fuel Saver void my vehicle warranty?

No. The Moletech Fuel Saver will not affect your vehicle warranty.  The State of California Air Resources Board and the U.S. EPA has determined the MOLETECH FUEL SAVER device ˇ§does not need to be registered as a fuel additiveˇ¨.

United States federal law, set forth requirements for warranties and prohibit vehicle manufacturers, dealers and others from unjustly denying warranty coverage due to the installation of after-market parts, such as the Moletech Fuel Saver. Specifically, under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, 15 U.S.C.  ˇ± 2302(c), warranty coverage cannot be denied because the Moletech Fuel Saver has been installed or used on a vehicle.

Also, Moletech Fuel Saver is not a modification to the vehicle.  Therefore, Moletech Fuel Saver will not void your vehicle's warranty.

9. Will Moletech Fuel Saver in anyway damage my engine?

No. The Moletech Fuel Saver does not content any chemicals or catalysts. It can only release the thermal energy in a specific wavelength to break the van der waals force between fuel and water molecules.

10. Will Moletech Fuel Saver also work in my new car?

Yes. By installing Moletech in a new car, it can prevent the carbon build-up situation and maintain the engine in a good condition. However, because the new vehicles use well designed engine with good combustion system, the difference of increasing fuel consumption and decreasing emissions may not be as much as it in the old vehicles.

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