About Moletech



About Moletech

Moletech Fuel Saver was initially developed to decrease harmful exhaust pollutants. Over the past five years, we have tested hundreds of vehicles and found that those using Moletech Fuel Saver not only emitted less harmful exhaust, but also gained more miles per gallon. In addition, many vehicle owners have reported a rise in horsepower and a smoother running engine after using Moletech Fuel Saver.



Moletech International Limited is the sole manufacturer of the Moletech Fuel Saver products and "MOLETECH" is the registered trademark. We are 26 year old ISO9001 Quality Certified Company. We have also passed Green Certification ISO14001 in 2008.All materials used in the making of Moletech Fuel Saver are non-toxic and RoHS approved. The factory also won a grant from the Taiwan Governor Green Supplier Plan (Click for Link) as a reward for their work with green products production¡Xa great honor despite the minimal monetary value of the grant.

We¡¦ve tested Moletech Fuel Saver in over 300 private vehicles with a result of over 10% positive fuel reduction. We double-checked our results by sending Moletech Fuel Saver to California CEE (USA EPA certified testing center), TUV Rheinland Group (Worldwide technical service, Click for company introduction), and SGS (worldwide testing company, click for company introduction), all of whom verified and supported our research and development data.

We currently have Moletech Fuel Saver for gasoline (petrol) vehicles and the product serials for Diesel Engine, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Engines. Our goal for the future is to apply the molecule technology (Moletech) and develop more products that are useful, convenient, and environmentally friendly.