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Moletech Fuel Saver applies the Molecule Technology which is a physical reaction and does not contain any chemicals or catalysts. It can change the aggregation of molecules from larger clusters to smaller clusters or even a single molecule by breaking the Van der Waals force between the fuel molecules. The smaller molecule clusters expose a larger surface area for better combustion reaction, and consequently, leading to greater fuel efficiency and fewer emissions.

Since 2010, Moletech had published new series of fuel savers and rebranded the product to Greentech Fuel Saver. (check our new website: www.greentech.bz). Greentech Fuel Saver now getting more popular than Moletech because of its new design, and stronger enhancing fuel technology. 

Moletech had become our root of concept for all our current product lines, such as biotechnology products, nano-technology products. Therefore, we also named ourselves Moletech Group.   

Moletech International Technology Limited is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The Greentech Fuel Saver has been tested in over 100000 private vehicles with a result of positive emissions and fuel reduction. With confirmed and testified      results by sending Moletech Fuel Saver to California CEE (USA EPA & CARB certified testing center), TUV Rheinland Group (Worldwide technical service) , and SGS (Worldwide testing company), all of whom verified and supported our research and development data. The fuel saver  series can be fitted into all kinds of vehicles. No need to modify the vehicle and will not affect the vehicle warranty. The new series of products,  Greentech Fuel Saver has even more outstanding results and passed several countries of governmental and public testing.    

Moletech Fuel Saver now is NO longer in the production line nor any OEM or ODM services. Instead of Moletech, we had launched a better device for the global market. Please visit our new series of products: Greentech Fuel Saver for more information.


ĦE Save Money
ĦE Improve Fuel Consumption
ĦE No need to modify the vehicle

ĦE Reduce Exhaust Emissions
ĦE Increase Horsepower & Torque
ĦE Lasts for 10 years


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