About Moletech

Kaohsiung Techonology Park-A405
Moletech International Technology Limited is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified company that manufacturers Nano materials. MOLETECH is derived from the roots of molecule and technology and is the registered trademarks.

With the advanced nano material surface treatment, dispersing technology, and equipment, it is possible for us to provide the nano materials, nano-coatings, functional membranes, and functional textile material and fabrics for the following applications: long term anti-bacteria effect, anti-fungi, sterilizing, good anti-abrasion, EMI blocking, UV blocking, heat insulation, toughness enhancing, fire proof, color enhancing, antistaticing, water purification, odor removing, stain proof, applications for cosmetics, and fuel enhancing.

Not only we supply the best in quality material, we also
have the capability to develop new material and product
for our clients to be more competitive.
Our goal is to develop more innovative products that are
healthy, useful, convenient, and environmentally friendly
to make life saving time and money.
Kaohsiung Techonology Park-A405